-FBC Youth-
Youth Team
Youth Group Details
7:00 pm – 8:45 pm
First Baptist Church Gym
Pizza dinner served
Fellowship, Activities, Games, Bible Lesson, Small Groups, Prayer, GROW Youth
Weekly Bible Lessons
-A Study of the book of Matthew-
January 4th
Salt and Light
Matthew 5:13-16
January 11th
Fulfillment of the Law
Matthew 5:17-20
January 17th
 Matthew 5:21-48
January 25th
Matthew 5:21-48
Supporting Our Youth
Our youth are not exempt from fears, stresses, trauma, decision-making, and other challenges in life. Please remember to lift them up in your personal prayer time. 
Dinner Donation
We serve the youth a pizza dinner each Thursday night. By providing dinner for the youth, it allows them to focus on school, homework, clubs, sports, working, and any others tasks they need to accomplish before coming to youth group. Pizza costs about $35 per week. Consider sponsoring one dinner for the youth. Please call the church office for the details on donating. 
Lesson Supply Donation
Most people learn best by doing, and our youth are no different. We love to incorporate crafts and life skill activities into our weekly free time, lesson openers, object lessons, and our Bible lesson activities. For example, each youth planted grass seeds and made a “buddy” to go with our lesson on the Parable of the Sower. Recently, the youth made no-sew mini prayer pillows to hold and fidget with during prayer to help keep them focused during their personal prayer time. During one of our team-building activities, the youth were divided into small groups and given materials to wrap a book as neatly as possible, with each person only able to use one hand. In December, to help understand all the unexpected happenings surrounding Jesus’ birth, we had each youth select a wrapped package with a tiny prize inside. Each gift was wrapped differently – most were flashy, except for one package. No one selected the plainly wrapped package without a bow, and when the leaders revealed that the best prize, a $5 gift card, was inside that plain package, the youth connected with the lesson on a new level. (Pictures are below.) 
The cost of these activities, though seemingly small, add up over time. Cutting them out due to cost in turn cuts out the amazing impact they have on the youth and the lasting impressions the activities leave. If you would like to make a donation designated for lesson supplies, please call the church office for the details.