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8:30 AM-   Celebrations Service
9:30 AM-   Sunday School
10:30 AM- Traditions Service
5:00 PM-   Pastor’s Bible Study
                  (in Music building)
7:30 AM- Men’s Prayer and Devotions
6:30 PM- Women’s Devotions (first Tuesday of the month only)
4:00 PM- Clothes Closet
5:00 PM- Supper
5:30 PM- Youth Group and Children’s Fellowship
5:40 PM- Adult Bible study

“The Church: Then and Now”, Bible Study on 1 Corinthians
Begins Wednesday, July 10th * 5:45 PM
Join Pastor Joe after supper on Wednesdays for a three-month study on 1 Corinthians.  The churches in Corinth, held in tension between Christ’s call and wordly culture, were fragile and fractured.  Hope is found in the unity of Christ, in the Spirit, and in the participation of all God’s children in being the church together.  Come for this dynamic study of the first-century church and how it impacts our community today!
series follows supper at 5:00 PM, and precedes prayer meeting. All are invited.
Nifty Fifties Events in July
Nifty Fifties Breakfast-Friday, July 12 at 9:00 AM, CJ Cannons. 
All are welcome.
Nifty Fifties Lunch and Learn- Thursday, July 18th at noon,
Family Life Center.
Sunday Worship series: “Call Stories”
Sundays at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM
The Bible contains a number of call stories in which a particular person or community is called by God to fulfill God’s mission to the world.  By exploring the “call stories” in scripture, we can learn about God’s call for us and our church, as well as our mission and ministry to our community. 

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