Our Mission

The mission of First Baptist of Vero Beach is the worship of God.  In obedience to Him, worship includes reaching out and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, equipping our members for discipleship, and demonstrating Christ’s love through ministry and fellowship.

Our Values

We value the worship of God in spirit and truth, engaging people through ancient traditions, liturgical rhythms, the Christian calendar, and contemporary creative arts.

We value the discipleship of all people—men, women, and children—who long to obey God, grow in Christ, and live by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We value the teaching of Christian leaders by passing on the legacy of Baptist community, fostering the gifts of the Spirit, and including both men and women in leadership.
We value participating in God’s mission in the world, being the presence of Christ by advocating for the impoverished, and standing in solidarity with those who seek justice and reconciliation.